World Trade Center Museum, New York, NY

One small step at the World Trade Center Museum, One giant step for Kaswell Flooring Systems.

We had known for several years, one of our products was to be installed at the WTC Pavilion. We had shipped the material not long ago, but it wasn’t until last week when I visited Ground Zero, that it became a reality for me.

 When I first arrived at the gate, I looked up and saw the majestic tower built adjacent to where the two original towers once stood. The new tower is just beautiful. It is the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen and is a tribute to the design team of Skidmore Owings and Merrill.

I was asked to be on-site to assist the installers with our edge grain wood flooring for the Museum Pavilion. We started the installation at the top step of a large set of stairs that took me to the pavilion section. The building sits beside the tower, opposite the memorial water falls where the original towers once stood.

 It was such an honor to be there. Everyone was so professional, there was no fooling around. All the trades seemed very cooperative, they know that they are helping to build a sacred place for our country. Now the reality of it has set in, Kaswell is a small part of it. I took several pictures of the tower as I entered the construction site, and pictures of the installation of our blocks.

 Everyone was grateful that I was there. I was grateful for being invited.




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