The Kaswell Family Work Trip

Last month, my family traveled to Chicago and Wisconsin and our visits included Kaswell projects. Here are the highlights:

Wood Paver Alley
Renovated with our Black Locust Blocks in 2011, this wood-paved street looks great despite the snow, rain and winds of Chicago weather!

Set in the Astor Street Historical Landmark District, the approx. 5,000 sq ft street is one of the few in the country. In the 1800s wood paved streets used to be the standard, nearly 50 miles of Chicago’s streets were wood paved and continued through to the early twentieth century.

Chicago wood paver alley1  Chicago wood paver alley2

Navy Pier
Chicago’s Navy Pier is undertaking a major redevelopment project to reinvent 50 acres of urban lakefront as a spectacular global destination and model of sustainability that will improve the health and vitality of the local community.

The Architectural firm selected our FSC certified Fir Strip Blocks for the renovation in anticipation of its 100th anniversary. Our blocks were used to modernize the facility while still maintaining the timeless feel.

Chicago Navy Pier 1  Chicago Navy Pier 2

SC Johnson Headquarters
Avid pilot, Samuel C. Johnson followed his father and grandfather at the helm of SC Johnson products, propelling the company’s reach by selling products on six continents! To commemorate his love of adventure, and how his father would travel all over the world in search of new waxes for cleaning products, their headquarters in Wisconsin has a map of the world made of wood blocks,. We’re proud to be included with our Hornbeam blocks!

Chicago SC Johnson 1  Chicago SC Johnson 2

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