Pine – Industrial Black

For over 100 years, “industrial black” meant creosote treated pine or oak blocks installed with hot coal tar pitch (which is black) as the adhesive, and sealed over with the same hot coal tar pitch as a “binder” material. Today, we no longer treat with creosote or install with coal tar products. Our new “Industrial Black” for industrial applications is now made with alternative materials.

For “Industrial black” block flooring for new industrial installations we use Conosol, a light colored wood preservative block treatment. The blocks are installed with our S-2705 water based adhesive, and finished/sealed over with our D-1261-2 water based black “binder” coating. The final appearance of the flooring with these materials is very similar to what was installed years ago.

For designers who are attracted to the “industrial” black appearance, we recommend the same blocks be used, but rather than finish them with our “industrial” black sealer finish named above, we find it most effective to first sand them, use a stain with ebony oil, then finished them with a satin urethane. The results are almost black, still rugged, but also extremely attractive!

If you request a sample of “Industrial Black” for a commercial application, the sample will be made with light colored blocks, stained in ebony, and finished with a satin urethane. If your interest in “industrial black” is for an industrial application, a sample would be made with the same blocks, but finished with our D-1261-2 Black Sealer.

wood end grain blocks

1" depth minimum. Standard 2" to 3". Most often made from Eastern or Western Pine. Block face sizes: 3"x 3", 4"x 4", 3"x 6"; 4"x 6"; 3"x 8"; 4"x 8".