Fir Strip Block

Douglas Fir (softwood) is a popular choice for End-Grain Block Flooring. Fir Blocks are produced from lumber grown on the west coast, from Oregon and Washington. This specie is known for its warm, subtle appearance. Fir takes stain extremely well, in fact, manipulating the color of a Fir block floor is quite common. Our blocks are cut from slow growing, very large trees. Fir blocks are available as individual blocks installed one block at a time, as well as in strips with a wire system for ease of installation. Available FSC certified upon request.

wood end grain blocks block strip of end grain blocks

¾" depth minimum. Standard depth 1". Strip widths: 2¾" to 3⅝". Individual block face sizes: from approx. 2"x 2" to 6"x 6". Custom sizes available upon request.