Synthetic Fibre [B]lock

Waste materials have always been accepted as part of the manufacturing process. However, as concern for our environment has mandated the need to recycle resources, industries have begun to innovate solutions, sometimes with unforeseen benefits. Our Fibre[B]lock® II flooring is an impressive result of just such innovation.

Fibre[B]locks are cut from 4″x 6″ logs of waste wood fibers and plastic, extruded for door and window components. They are an ideal material for industrial flooring applications. They have the wearing qualities of our tough, durable, and long lasting End Grain wood blocks, but without susceptibility to damage from moisture. Individual Fibre[B]locks are available at most any thickness, and can be cut to as thin as ½” for commercial or residential application.


Individual block face size: 4" x 6"                        Depths from ½" -4"

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