Pine – Eastern

Southern Yellow Pine is a softwood produced from lumber grown in the pine belt of the USA, from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Although Pine is a softwood, Pine blocks are extremely durable and reasonably priced. There are many different types of Pine trees; such as Ponderosa, Longleaf, and Southern Yellow.

For decorative purposes, Eastern and Western Pine blocks show significant color variation from winter growth to summer growth. Blue-ing streaks add another dimension to this very popular species.

wood end grain blocks

¾" depth minimum. Block face sizes: 3"x 6"; 4"x 6"; 3"x 8"; 4"x 8"; nominal. Block depth will depend on face size. Beveled corner, square corner, grooved and lugged style available. Available treatments: Bardac, Conosol, Linseed, untreated.