About Kaswell Flooring Systems

Since 1946 Kaswell Flooring Systems has been pioneers in recognizing the beauty of end grain wood. From its industrial roots in factory flooring, Kaswell Flooring Systems has developed exquisite wood products that are not only functional but striking in their design and beauty.

Three Generations of Kaswells

Kaswell Flooring Systems is a family owned and operated business, specializing in end-grain wood block flooring for over 70 years. Harold Kaswell founded the business and established strong roots in the industrial sector with wood block flooring products and installation services. In 1971 Harold was joined by his son Norman, who sought diversification through the development of applications for end grain blocks beyond the factory floor. Today, Norman and his son Joshua have expanded to serve the upscale commercial and residential markets with premium design end grain, edge grain, and composite block flooring products.

Workers applying sealant to Kaswell end grain floor.Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, circa 1980
Kaswell warehouse and offices in framingham, circa 1980.Kaswell warehouse, circa 1975

A Proud Past, A Bright Future

As the indisputable leader in End Grain Wood Block Flooring, Kaswell Flooring Systems will continue to bring new species, styles, and products to the design community. Quality craftsmanship and exceptional value have become the hallmarks of our success. Our product is not a trend, but a time-tested solution. We’ve preserved the tradition of a renewable product, exposed the splendor that was always there, and transformed it into the most attractive wood flooring available.

Our success is built upon a lifetime of dedication to quality and innovation, a corporate philosophy we uphold to this day.

Harold Kaswell at the warehouse in StoughtonHarold Kaswell, cica 1965

“We’ve preserved the tradition of a renewable product, exposed the beauty that was always there, and transformed it into the most beautiful wood flooring available. Throughout my years in this business I have learned not to see things as they are, but as they can be.”

– Norm Kaswell

Fork truck operator with a load of wood blocksThe Kaswell Family hard at work
kaswell_historical-8Kruisin Kaswell van, circa 1970